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Firman Ilonu Injector Apk v2 [latest version] Free for Android

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4.8 v2 4.5MB

The Free Fire battle is one of the best online battles. Where there are too many players that can easily kill everyone. If you are entrusted to win the battle then you can download Firman Ilonu Injector which has added all the features. Now you can get all types of features that can help you win the battle. If you use these features then you will be able to customize the battle according to your choices. We know that you want to enjoy the battle by killing all the players. So, what are waiting for just use this file to kill your opponent?

In the game, the cheats are very important to the battle. If you are from one of those then you are in the right place. Because we have got the Firman Ilonu Injector Apk for our favorite users. Everyone wants to win the game very easily. But they aren’t able to win it. Because of the pro players, if you want to kill the pro player then there is only one option that you can use from our site only. I think now you are ready to play the game with this tool. All types of customization are ready for you. So, play the game you will be able to customize the game very easily with the latest features of this mod.

If I say that who loves the Free Fire battle? Then a minimum of people say that the free-fire battleground game. Because this game is liked or played by many players all over the world. Our site also provides some alternatives to the Firman Ilonu Injector that you can use JrMIX Team. These apps are also free for you.

What is Firman Ilonu Injector Apk:

It is a mod that helps users to kill everyone very easily. We know that the new player is not able to win the battle because they are new to the game. So, that is why we are providing these files for the users. This mod has also the best scop in the world. In the Free Fire battle, different features are available but you have to pay for everything like the Skins, Diamonds, Coins, Weapons, and many others. If you want to use these features free of cost then you have to download and install the Firman Mods.

In the game, all the customization is under your hand. You can give the way in the battle. Now you are the king of the battle. If your opponent player may have the skill then you have to face the problem. You can also improve your skill by using the file. Best of luck for your battle.

Features of Firman Ilonu Injector:

Here are too many unique features that are available for you. So, read one by one and understand every cheat menu of this file.

  • Auto Aim Off
  • Aim Trio Off
  • Aim Mirar Off
  • Habilitar Agachado Off
  • Fov Mirar 100%
  • Distance Desativado 100%
  • Puxada Desativado
  • Draw Fov Off
  • Wall Hack (Pedra)
  • Ghost Hack
  • Teleport Hack
  • Draw Marcador
  • Esp Box (Partida)
  • Esp Line
  • Esp Time (Evento)
  • Esp Nome + Distane
  • Esp Skeleton Lite
  • Esp Cor Padrao
  • Draw Size Normal
  • Chuva De Balas
  • Medkit Correndo
  • Soco Rapido (Melle)
  • Habilitar Modo Noite
  • Habilitar Full HD
  • Icon Invisivel

The Firman Mods Password:

Don’t forget to copy it. Because without it you will not able to inject the battle.


Ready to play the game by the Firman Ilonu Injector which helps you in the game. So, enjoy the game with this functional app. The developer has tried to add all most things for the users. You can see them after downloading. To use the file need the user’s name and password that I had been providing above. So, copy it after downloading. This file is anti-band, you can use it in your original account. Best of luck with the battle.