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4.8 v1.0 9MB

Now winning the MLBB battle has been because hard. Because the game is growing in the world, there are too many players in it. Now to win the game has been challenging. But we are here for you to make your game quickly. KullJAYTeng ML is a Mod Menu used to unlock all the premium items for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If you download it, you can quickly get too many cheats that help you get the needs. It is 3rd party app that has too many items in it. To get them, you have to use them on your Android device. If you want to get more points, you can read below.

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang is loved worldwide. So, we are sure that the ML game has too many players. Some of them are searching for injectors to get different items for the game. Now stop your searching and use KullJAYTeng ML Apk from our site. It is providing too many options for you; now, it is your choice whether you want to use this file or not. If you are an old gamer, you know that customizing the game is not so easy. Because the game has got the best security system, old apps are not working correctly. But now, this injector will break all the security of the game. And it will provide the items that you need.

Now you can download this file from the top of the link. The file has too many options for you, as you know that every app has an alternative. So, we have an alternative to this app, which is also present on our site. So, you will be able to use it. It is named Xodus Patcher.

Features of KullJAYTeng ML Apk:

So, the injector is helping the players in the game. Suppose you are a beginner in the battle and detect the problem. So, this mod menu removes them permanently. If you get the file on your Android device, you will be able to solve all your problems. It will give you some critical tricks to avoid the problem. If you are willing to enjoy all the features, you have to download it. Today, players can unlock many ml skins by clicking here. So, the file has the drone view, through which you will be able to see all the enemies in the battleground.

Unlock All ML Skin:

  • Free skins for Fighter, Assassin, Mages, Marksman, Tank, Support
  • Even 8+ outfits are accessible for some avatars.
  • The backup feature is also ready to undo an action.
  • Moreover, 54 Painted Skins in this edition include a Remove option.

Unlock Battle Effects:

  • Effect Recall is the ability of your avatar to come back after its death or damage given by the frontiers.
  • Respawn is small animation that appears differently in many places in ML.
  • Elimination is in your access. Starlight, Calamity, EVOS M1, KO.
  • Battle Notifications inform you about different things in the game.

More Cheats:

  • Unlock Battle Emotes
  • Unlock Analog Custom MLBB
  • Custom Intro for MLBB
  • Unlock Themes for Backgrounds

Custom Maps:

  • Map Ultra HD Imperial
  • Map Mode Night Imperial

Unlock Drone View:

  • Increase Drone view 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X.
  • Tablet View is also in your hands.
  • Finally, the Delete All Drone feature removes the injected camera range.
  • For safety purposes, use the view drones three times only.


You know that KullJAYTeng ML VIP Apk has lots of features for you. If you use the file, you will be able to customize maps and battle effects. And it has battle emotes, analogs, custom intros, effect recalls, and elimination. So, now you show your power to the enemies. Now it is going to help you. So, it is your choice whether you want to use it.