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4.8 v1.0 19MB

Are you in love with the Free Fire battleground then you have a new option for your device. Which is named as Ifan RR Team. It is a fantastic tool that has varieties of features for you. The players can modify the game to increase their popularity in the battleground. Millions of gamers love to play games with many features as you know that you need more features and tricks in the battle. But it is not easy for you to get them. But now the developer had make it easy by using this tool. It is the most popular tool on the internet. So, you can also include all the other people to win the battle.

It will run up the playres by providing more advantages for the users. It has not had a single gift for the users. But it consists of dozens of benefits for the playres. That they can use on their device. Now increase your level with this high-quality injector. By reading this whole article you will get want kind of benefits that this latest tool is providing. Numerous features are added for you. So, you can get them after downloading them. If you download the app then you will be capable to use the thing that you need in the battle.

Ifan RR Team is the latest injector that is free for you. Before finishing this article, I also want to add the latest version application which is known as Najmun Moodz. It is another variant option for you. If you love to play the game. This injector is only designed for Android users. If you have an iPhone, you cannot run it on your device. Download the apps from our site without any kind of purchase.

What is Ifan RR Team?

In this injector, every function and information is explained to the users. This is the function tool that is now in front of you. The injector allows the new users to modify the game to their choice. It will bring most of the latest functional features for you. It will run on the Normal and Free Fire Max. Both are the same games but have different IPs. If you have the nay open then do not worry about the version of it. It will run on any kind of version. If it starts running on your device then it will not leave you to provide benefits. Collect the benefits which are very important to you.

So, now you can discover the Ifan RR Team on your device. It provides AimBot which is a remarkable feature. Every player has a target that they want to achieve. But devices to many issues they are not able to do anything. if you will try it then you will get all the targets automatically. It will make every player moveable in the game. Every player has attributed to defeating the opponent players. But now this injector will provide most of the features which are very important for the users. Let’s fight in the game and there is no doubt, that you will win the battle

Features of Ifan RR Team:

  • Aimbot 99%
  • Aimlock 98%
  • Only Red
  • Drag Head
  • High Sensi
  • iPhone Sensi
  • Sensi X
  • Sensi Y
  • Anti-Ban 100%
  • Anti-Blacklist 100%
  • Remove Report
  • Remove Panel


Ifan RR Team will make the PRO playres yourself. Many playres have many different issues while playing the game. But now this tool will be a better perform better in the game. Let’s enjoy the battleground with this latest version of the tool. Let’s come with it on the battle and enjoy the battle.