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ASHIK NOOB Gaming Injector Apk [latest version] Free for Android

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4.8 v1.0 5.4MB

Now a developer has announced the latest tool for Free Fire. It is the android application that allows the players to get the ESP Menu, Heashot, AimBot, etc. With the help of this tool, the playres can unlock the premium in the game. Now the game has become very easy to customize the battleground. So, the playres get the features without paying money. In the Free Fire game, almost features are not free for the playres. The players have to pay for that. That is why many new playres do not love to play the game. Now the developer brings this tool to you. That provides all the features for free.

All the premiums in the game are now ready in this single app. All the things that the app consists of all things that are very functional. You are researching for the function app that will help the playres in the game. Because winning the battle is not easy. In a single match there are 50+ playres, so surviving in the battle is not easy. But it is not impossible. If you do have not much skill in the game then you will not able to perform better in the game. And not able to survive in the game. But now everything become possible for the users with this latest version application.

ASHIK NOOB Gaming Injector Free Fire provides unlimited items. What are you doing now let’s download it from the top of the download button link. This injector increases the gaming skills of the players. Because many playres do have not many skills that help them to win the battle. Get the skills in the game and beat the oppent playres in the game. If you want unbeatable players then the playres have this option.

What is ASHIK NOOB Gaming Injector?

If you have the skills in the game then no one will let you lose the battleground. But you have to any skins that why you had reached over here. If you try this tool then you will easily beat all the opponent players in the game. Now it is possible to grab the whole game. And can become the king of the battle. It will provide the possibility that you can be unbeatable for the players. It has all the exclusive features that you can explore after downloading and installing the app. If you are not able to destroy the enemies in the game then the facilities that this app will help you.

ASHIK NOOB Gaming Injector will help you to destroy the whole enemies in the game. And you will feel better in the game. It has most of the things that you want. If the game you will get the Auto Headshot. If you find the enemies then you can use these unique features to encounter them. And it will help you survive in the red zone and blue zone. So, you can serve in the game according to you that where you want to stay. In the game, you can get a drone view. it will give the horizontal and virtual drove view for you. And the playres would try Raihan FF Injector which has also available on our site.

Features of ASHIK NOOB Gaming Injector:

  • Auto Headshot
  • Scope of Aimbot
  • 94% Aim Lock
  • New Antenna Heads
  • Crouch and Fire Aimbot
  • Nick Name ESP
  • ESPs of Crosshair
  • Box and Fire ESPs
  • Unique Gloowall
  • Shoot
  • Run in water
  • Fly Mode
  • Control Speed
  • Movements
  • Wall and Ghost Modes
  • Medkit run
  • Diamonds
  • Locations


Safe yourself in the game and delete all the opponent players in the game with ASHIK NOOB Gaming Injector. One thing is that it has the best security system so, your data and your account will safe and secure.